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Sometimes evidence found in a suspect’s home or car can leave an accused individual with little room for defense. But even if evidence is stacked against you, all is not lost! If you are under investigation for robbery or violent crimes, the Law Offices of Brian E. Gonzalez is ready to launch an aggressive defense on your behalf.

Robbery is the taking of money or other property from a person by use of force, violence, or putting in fear. Robbery is an extremely serious offense that can result in severe penalties. It’s not uncommon for a robbery charge to be punishable by a term of years not exceeding life in prison. In Florida, life in prison means you never get out – no early release and no parole.

The harsh penalties associated with robbery make it imperative that a person facing these charges has experienced, dedicated representation.

Over Three Decades of Criminal Defense Experience

Brian E. Gonzalez is a Tampa robbery defense attorney renown in his field for his long-standing success in protecting the rights of clients across Florida. Our firm is dedicated to progressive and tenacious defense strategies, ensuring your questions are answered and your freedoms preserved in even the most strenuous of robbery and violent crime cases.

If you are facing robbery charges, you do not simply have to plead guilty. Learn about your options by scheduling a free consultation with Brian E. Gonzalez.

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Robbery and Violent Crimes are Serious Charges

In Florida, violent crimes carry far more weight than most other crimes and robbery can be looked on by law enforcement as a similar offense. Unlike simple theft, robbery is charged when a violent act is committed in tandem with the taking of property. Any evidence that might suggest greater threats were made acts as fodder for prosecutors, and seek to increase the severity of charges or subject a defendant to minimum mandatory prison time.

However, as your robbery defense lawyer, the first questions we ask in order to prevent such increases in punishment are as follows:

  • Was there a gun, bat or other weapon used?
  • Was a gun discharged?
  • Was a victim injured or killed?

If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding “no”, Brian Gonzalez and his team are able to build a more effective defense on your behalf. However, if any of those answers are “yes”, then you are subject to the 10-20-Life Statute and are facing minimum mandatory 10 years, 20 or life prison sentences, respectively, if convicted as charged. For example,

  • Felons who are in possession of firearms are subject to mandatory minimum three year prison terms if convicted of felon in possession charges.
  • Committing certain felonies, such as armed robbery, or attempting to commit certain felonies while in possession of a firearm or destructive device will result in a 10-year mandatory minimum prison term if convicted.
  • If a firearm is discharged illegally or during the commission of a crime, a conviction leads to a mandatory 20-year prison term.
  • If someone is injured or killed by the firearm, there is a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 25 years to life.

We can help you combat the actions of prosecutors seek the most favorable outcome nonetheless.

Types of Robbery Crimes and Penalties

The presence of a firearm or deadly weapon is a deciding factor in determining the penalties for robbery of any kind. In this case, a “weapon” is defined as any object that could be used to cause death or serious bodily injury. While circumstances vary, some common types of robbery have definitive penalties attached to them.

  • Robbery By Sudden Snatching: If an offender steals from a victim’s person and the victim is made aware of the crime as it occurs, it is deemed Robbery By Sudden Snatching. Neither the offender or the victim is required to use force against the other, as typically the victim does not anticipate the crime, as in a purse snatching.
    • Potential Penalties: If the offender had a firearm or deadly weapon, the crime is considered a second degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. However, if no weapon is present, a Robbery By Sudden Snatching is classified as a third degree felony punishable by a maximum of 5 years in prison.
  • Carjacking: Carjacking consists of an offender taking a motor vehicle from the custody of a person through force, violence, or assault with or without the presence of a weapon.
    • Potential Penalties: The presence of a weapon during a carjacking makes it a first degree felony which could result in life in prison. However, if no firearm or deadly weapon is present, it is a first degree felony punishable by up to 30 years.
  • Home-Invasion Robbery: Home-Invasion Robbery occurs when an offender enters a victim’s dwelling with the intent to steal from occupants.
    • Potential Penalties: If a weapon was carried during the home-invasion robbery, the crime is a felony in the first degree and is punishable by life in prison. However, even if no weapon was carried, the robbery is still deemed a felony in the first degree, with punishment not exceeding 30 years in prison.
    • Florida Statute 775.084 sets forth that “habitual felony offender” enhancements are not applicable to this charge.

Aggressive Defense for All Robbery Charges

Robbery, whether armed or not, can have resounding consequences for you and your loved ones. Many of those accused or charged with violent crimes see little leniency from judges and law enforcement. However, Brian E. Gonzalez has fought in courtrooms across Tampa Bay and Florida, winning victories in even the bleakest of circumstances. Contact our firm today if you’ve been accused of one of the following:

  • Armed robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon
  • Strong-arm robbery
  • Carjacking
  • Home invasion robbery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Aggravated battery
  • Felony battery

Trust the Lawyer That the Other Lawyers Ask for Help

Well known for his ability to develop hard-hitting strategies for his clients, Brian E. Gonzalez is not only one of the most aggressive robbery defense lawyers in Florida, but his team is also tenacious in their approach and execution of a highly technical defense. It’s not uncommon for the police and the victim to provide a version of events that does not tell the entire story. Our team frequently provides the prosecutor with the other side of the story, mitigating facts, character information, or other evidence that would otherwise be unknown to the State Attorney. This additional information can often affect the severity and number of charges filed by the State Attorney. We scrutinize the evidence from every angle and approach jury selection with a critical determination that prepares you for the greatest possible success in the courtroom. More than that, we have obtained acquittals, dismissal of charges and other favorable outcomes for many clients accused of taking property through violence and threats, and we will fight to do the same for you.

When faced with life-changing criminal charges, the best decision you can make is the decision to reach out to Brian E. Gonzalez. To find out what our firm can do to help you face these charges, call for a free consultation at 813-224-0632 or complete the form below.