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Racketeering, also known as RICO violation consists of a criminal network that agrees to commit fraud, embezzlement, or drug-related crimes, particularly distribution. Although this is generally a case for the federal court, the Florida state government has designed its own approach to RICO crimes that allow it to charge these criminals in state court, independent of the federal government. Keep in mind, these state-level convictions can carry just as much weight as those in federal court and they often lead to serious penalties such as asset forfeiture and lengthy prison sentences.

RICO laws were initially meant to thwart crimes committed by the Mafia but since their inception, they have expanded to include businesses involved in these same crimes. If you or your business are approached by state or federal agents regarding RICO violations in Florida, it’s important to contact a defense lawyer as soon as possible. You need an aggressive strategy, and Tampa’s top RICO defense attorney, Brian E. Gonzalez, has just what it takes to put that strategy into action.

With over 32 years of experience defending racketeering cases, Brian E. Gonzalez not only has the know-how but the sincere will to protect your rights as an individual and a business owner. With a dedicated team of professionals, he and his team will mount the full-fledged defense necessary to fight RICO violations such as:

  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Mail fraud and wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Drug distribution organizations
  • White collar crimes

Bold Strategies That Get Results

Known by the community as one of the most prominent and successful criminal defense lawyers in Tampa Bay and Florida, Brian Gonzalez always seeks the straightest route to success. He is esteemed amongst his colleagues for his ability to press the advantage on behalf of his clients, and his dedication to his work has led him to garner the attention of national leaders in criminal defense. With more than 8,000 criminal cases under his belt, Brian E. Gonzalez knows what it takes to achieve victory for his clients and has proven his ability to defend RICO clients with a factual and precision-based approach. He takes an innovative stance in the courtroom, pressing the prosecution at every turn and developing defense strategies unique to every case.

Take Action Early, Do Not Delay

Time is essential and both the federal and state government may take time to gather evidence before revealing that an investigation is underway. Don’t be caught off guard!

If you learn that you are under investigation by state or federal agents, contact Brian Gonzalez immediately. We are a well-tuned criminal defense firm ready to help you through this trying time and protect your rights as the investigation progresses. We are here to help you communicate with authorities without incriminating yourself or your business. We do all we can to ensure you feel safe and comfortable, even if charges are filed.

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