Murder Attorney Florida

A Proven Murder Defense Lawyer in Tampa, Florida

For over 32 years, attorney Brian Gonzalez has defended clients in some of most highly publicized cases across Florida, dealing in a range of casework from traffic violation to murder. There are no higher stakes for a defendant than when accused of murder. Brian E. Gonzalez and his well-equipped team will launch a full investigation any time such serious accusations have been made against a client.

The law states that all accused are innocent until proven guilty, and our firm conducts a thorough, investigative assessment of evidence in every case, especially those with greater consequences. Murder cases require top-tier defense and Brian E. Gonzalez’ aggressive approach is essential to finding success or at least reduced consequences in your case.

Turn to an Attorney with Experience who has handled 42 Murder Cases

Brian E. Gonzalez not only has a proven track record but he has the vital experience necessary to protect your rights. He has handled 42 murder cases to conclusion. In 2008, Brian E. Gonzalez appeared on Court TV on behalf of the defense in a nationally televised murder case. He has dealt with media attention and has been recognized by distinguished legal commentators for his resourcefulness in and out of the courtroom as well as his dynamic abilities in front of a jury.

The stakes are high in any homicide case but when death penalties or lifetime prison sentences without parole are on the line, you need a defense attorney with extensive legal knowledge on your side. Brian E. Gonzalez has successfully won murder case acquittals on several occasions and when acquittal is not an option, he has negotiated reduced charges and sentences for his clients. If you or a loved one has been accused or investigated for murder, don’t hesitate. Call our firm and get the legal advice you need.

Our law offices are dedicated to:

  • Investigating all aspects of your case, including problems with forensic/DNA evidence and witness testimony
  • Working productively with experts in forensics, scene re-creation and other aspects of your case that may be pivotal to the outcome
  • Creating reasonable doubt about your guilt through every means available

Only a Proven Attorney Can Protect Your Future Now

Attorney Brian E. Gonzalez is one of the few defense attorneys in Hillsborough County who is death penalty qualified by the Florida Supreme Court and the American Bar Association. He cannot be intimidated by the toughest evidence nor the most accomplished prosecutors. If your freedom and future are on the line, Brian Gonzalez is the man capable of fighting for you and the life and family you hold dear.