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Young people can sometimes get caught up in the moment, making them forget and disregard the bright future ahead of them. Dealing with juvenile crime allegations is always a difficult matter, and having an experienced Juvenile Defense Lawyer on your side is essential to ensuring every accused child is treated as a susceptible youth. A child convicted of serious crimes can be sent to juvenile detention facilities, lose their driver’s licenses and face a criminal record that might not be able to be sealed or expunged.

Attorney Brian E. Gonzalez has successfully defended juveniles throughout Tampa Bay and across Florida, building the vital experience necessary to bring success to most cases. He and his team are dedicated to aggressive strategies intended to alleviate the often-too-harsh burden of consequence. Don’t make the mistake of thinking juvenile crime charges are any less serious than allegations on an adult. The sooner you have a juvenile defense attorney on your side the better.

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Defending Juveniles Charged with DUI, Drug Offenses, and Violent Crimes
Juvenile crimes come in a variety of forms. Drug-related offenses and theft charges are most common but violent crimes do occur and sometimes manslaughter or first-degree murder charges are filed. Brian E. Gonzalez and his team have experience in each of these cases, always seeking the more favorable outcome for you and your child. If a minor is charged with a criminal offense, he or she will be transported to a division of the Department of Juvenile Justice called the Juvenile Assessment Center. There, a determination will be made regarding whether the minor presents a danger to himself or others and should be kept under secured custody or whether a child can be released to paternal custody pending his arraignment. If the child is kept in the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice, then a detention hearing in front of a judge must be held within 24 hours to determine if release is appropriate and under what conditions.

Whether you are a parent or young adult, you never know how a juvenile record might affect your family. A dedicated and experienced juvenile criminal defense lawyer like Brian E. Gonzalez will do the following:

  • Protect your right to be tried as a juvenile
  • Fight for lesser consequences
  • Identify and defend against false allegations
  • Prevent the mistakes of juveniles from ruining lives
  • Aim to expunge criminal records per Section 943.0582, Florida Statutes

Diversion programs and rehabilitation are only a few of the options you have for overcoming juvenile crime charges. Possession and distribution of drugs is one of the most common crimes among people under the age of 18. Any good defense attorney knows that there are opportunities for negotiating sentences and our team will fight for you and your fair treatment until a final sentence is given.

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Attorney Brian E. Gonzalez has experience handling the highest-stakes criminal cases in both state and federal courts. Along with a well-equipped team of legal professionals, he launches a full force defense aimed at protecting your and your child’s future. With the utmost respect and judgement-free cooperation, let Brian Gonzalez fight for you.