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Federal criminal defense takes more grit and attention-to-detail than many state court cases. If you violate federal law and are charged, you may face serious penalties including long prison sentences. In these cases, prosecution comes from a source beyond the state of Florida and requires a hard-hitting defense attorney to ensure every piece of evidence is fairly and effectively scrutinized. Not every attorney is equipped to handle federal criminal cases.

Attorney Brian E. Gonzalez provides federal criminal defense from every angle, identifying and executing the most efficient route to success on your behalf. He has significant federal experience. With an in-depth understanding of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the necessary steps to defending federal crime, our team takes a firm, aggressive stance in federal court cases of every kind.

Whether accused of narcotics dealings, bank robbery, fraud or any other federal crimes, a felony is a serious offense often with a higher quality of prosecution than state court cases. It doesn’t mean you or your loved ones should lose faith. Contact our team today for a free consultation and a renewed faith, knowing you have the experienced team of Brian E. Gonzalez on your side.

What To Do If You Get a Letter or Are the Target of an Investigation

Federal agencies reach out to individuals for many reasons but no matter how casually they may speak to you, you may be a potential witness or even the target of an investigation and should immediately seek the assistance of a lawyer. In these two scenarios, the government has evidence that you have committed a crime and are building a case against you or strengthening an existing case. Rather than indicting you immediately, a Federal Agent may contact you and offer to “hear your side of the story.” You will want to take advantage of this situation but only with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney by your side. If you are informed via letter from the FBI, DEA, IRS or ATF or suspect a federal investigation based on a phone call or “interview”, only a seasoned federal criminal defense lawyer has the ability to:

  • Act as a buffer between you and the federal agents.
  • Request evidence against you be disclosed.
  • Advise you in the best course of action.
  • Request and approve a Proffer Letter prior to detailing your activities in an interview which then cannot be used against you in the investigation.

Do not make the mistake of trying to handle a federal investigation on your own. Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Brian E. Gonzalez has the power to guide you through this process.

When you receive a letter from a federal agency, you should follow the steps below:

  • Contact a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in federal criminal cases. Be sure to keep the letter and any communications with the federal agency. You should not respond on your own to the letter or make any contact with the federal agency until you have spoken with your attorney.
  • Gather relevant information. Before meeting with your lawyer, gather any relevant information that could be pertinent to the investigation. Make a list of names, dates, places and other information related to the investigation and be ready to provide information to your attorney and ask any questions that you may have about the implications of the federal letter.

Providing Substantial Assistance

If you have information about another individual’s criminal activity, it could help you and result in a lesser sentence. Before or during a federal trial, you have the opportunity to seek that lesser sentence by providing substantial assistance to prosecutors in the investigation and prosecution of another person. The assistance must be “substantial” to receive this benefit and whether the information meets this requirement is determined solely by the prosecutor. It is important to never approach a prosecutor or law enforcement officer on your own because you may not receive the benefit you seek.

Pre-Sentence Investigation and Sentencing

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Federal United States Probation Office have unique roles in a federal court case. One of the responsibilities of the latter is to produce a Presentence Investigation Report, or PSR outlining the actions the defendant took while committing the crime, the defendant’s personal and criminal history, how the sentencing guidelines should be applied and what facts should lead to reductions or enhancements in sentencing. An experienced federal criminal defense attorney can respond to the PSR by adding to it, contesting and/or objecting to the facts, history or application sought regarding the sentencing guidelines. An intimate understanding of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual is absolutely necessary and Brian E. Gonzalez has that understanding after years in the federal court system.

Call 813-224-0632 today if you have been approached by Federal Agents or are dealing with allegations related to the following:

  • Importation, trafficking and/or distribution of drugs
  • Bank robbery or other serious financial crimes
  • Stock broker fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, embezzlement or any type of theft charges involving a government employer or agency
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography or other Internet-related sex offenses
  • Possession of guns by felons

Trust an Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

If allegations have been brought against you or a loved one, do not hesitate. Call us as soon as possible to ensure your rights are not infringed upon by federal prosecutors or law enforcement. Agencies like the IRS, DEA, and FBI may say they only want to talk but every word you say can still be held against you, leading to significant sentences. Federal criminal sentences can be lengthy due to strict sentencing guidelines but lawyer Brian E. Gonzalez has the determination and know-how to fight those serious charges and seek lesser sentences.

Over 32 years of federal criminal defense has made Brian E. Gonzalez one of the most savvy federal crime lawyers in Tampa Bay, if not Florida with experience in federal courts across the country including Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, and Maryland. Thorough, organized dissection of evidence and a no-holds-barred aggression has prepared Brian E. Gonzalez and his team to tackle any case, whether charged in state or federal court. Along with his legal team, he has earned numerous acquittals for his clients and always seeks the most favorable outcomes in every situation.

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